A Grand Idea

My former employer, The Auto Club Group, is offering people a chance to win a grand a week.  The contest is only open to Michigan residents and ends at the end of the month (October 2009) so if you want to enter, time is of the essence.  There is no cost or obligation. just a couple of minor hoops you need to jump through.

It’s part of  AAA Michigan’s way to publicize their new savings blog and to engage members in conversation.  Not sure how successful they are being in reaching either of those goals.  It sure doesn’t  appear anyone is commenting, though.

However, since the company is giving their members’ money away, you should go for it if you  live in Michigan and could use $1,000.

You can enter every day if you want.  I am.  One of  the advantages of being a former employee is that I am eligible to enter.  I just hope they are not blacklisting me…

That’s it for now, folks.

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