Puppy in Training

My puppy Bella is not happy.  Come to think of it, neither am I.  We’re both being kept on a short leash; the dog by me and me by my wife.  The reason the dog is on a short leash is that she pulls when we walk and we needed to put a stop to it.

The pulling was not a big deal for me since I outweigh our little beasty by more than 100 pounds and can keep her firmly in hand even as she strains her 70 pounds of muscle against the retractable leash I liked to use.  That’s not to say I liked her pulling and, as chief cook and dog walker around our house, I was trying to get her to stop in my own way and while taking my own sweet time doing it.

Unfortunately, my wife could not afford to be as patient, mainly because she is not as strong as I am and quite petite.  During those times she took the dog, the dog often ended up taking her for a walk instead of the other way around.  That got her worried that the dog might pull her down or get out of her grasp.

So, we’ve switched leashes and now the dog is on a short tether and is kept firmly by my side at all times as we walk.  Today was the first day I’ve walked her like this and she is confused and maybe a bit unhappy.  She’s still willing to walk and I do give her some slack when we get to a spot with lots of good smells.  She continues to pull and I continue to keep her close by my side to keep her from pulling.

My brother (who trains dogs and agrees with using a short leash) said it will take some time to break her of the bad habits I’ve let her develop.  Walking may not be as much fun for either one of us but it’s the way it needs to be–at least for a while.  I’ve gotten used to being on a short leash and she will too.

Now if I could only find a way to keep her from jumping. (I’m open to suggestions.)

That’s it for now, folks.

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