The 100 days of Winter

winter scene

Winter starts today, Dec. 1. At least, that’s the beginning of the season according to my father. He would tell my brother and I that winter here in Michigan was 100 days long and started the first day of December.

I continue to use his calendar, although I think my dad, who passed away 11 years ago, was a bit of an optimist. Instead of 100 days, I’ve decided winter is 110 days long. That puts the end about March 10 instead of March 1.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy winter, especially once the snow flies. I enjoy the beauty of the white stuff and look forward each year to getting out to cross-country ski and go snowshoeing, or just walk immediately following a snowfall when all is white and glistening in the sunlight or moonlight. This year will be the first year talking my new dog Bella. I’ll see what she thinks of the white powder.

But I have to admit, as much as I like winter, I’m not too keen on the icy blasts that accompany the snow. Or on the need for jackets, hats, scarves and gloves. I do enjoy summer more.  I will enjoy the upcoming season. But also, I will begin 110-day countdown to spring.

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