Discount Tire and Excellent Customer Service

I was wowed the other day. Honestly. I went to get my tires rotated at Discount Tire in Livonia, Michigan. Discount Tire is a national retailer and I purchased tires from them last year. I did so because they had good prices, I could get a AAA discount and because Discount Tire offers a free tire rotation every 6,000 miles for the life of the tires.

Anyway, I went back Monday for the rotation and because one of my tires was losing air.   I figured Discount  could patch the tire when they performed the rotation.  I also figured they’d charge me for the patch since the problem wasn’t their fault.  I never discussed price during the write up (probably a mistake) since the patching had to be done and I didn’t think it would cost more than 20 bucks.

I was wrong about the charge.   As I sat sipping their free coffee and reading my Communications World magazine, the mechanic called my name, handed me my paperwork, told me the leak was due to a screw, said he fixed and added that I was all set.  No charge.

I was pleasantly surprised.  Make that wowed.  Since I am out of work (please hire me), any savings is greatly appreciated.  So as a way to thank Discount I am spreading the word.  I’m not sure free patches is their policy, and I don’t know if they’d do it for me again or do it for anyone else.  However, this time it was awfully nice of them.  Thanks, Discount Tire.

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