Time Warps and the Unemployed

Parkinson’s Law states “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” That’s may be true for those who are gainfully employed, but what about those of us who are unemployed?   What law governs our life during this particular difficult time?

Some may think a law governing aimless behavior becomes primary.  While unproven, this law states “When a day is without a purpose, putzing expands to fill all available time.”

Perhaps this law is valid–at least in some cases. Certainly, when one is unemployed, the possibility exists for there to be plenty of time to perform unimportant tasks unrelated to finding a job (writing a blog comes to mind).  And you might think time might drag for the unemployed, leaving plenty of time for putzing–or at least watching Oprah or the Olympic sport of curling.

That, however, is not the case.  At least not in my case.  For me, time has gone into fast forward.   The days are over long before my “to do” list is completed.  Back when I first lost my job, I thought I would have my office cleaned out, Joomla (an open source website tool) mastered and my two websites converted to Joomla, a third website up and running and all the books in my bookcase read, in no time.

Sadly, I have only completed the first task, I am barely underway on the second and I have read only a couple of books.

In my own defense, I have  taken a course in social media, worked on some brochures and newsletters and done volunteer work during the last couple of months.

Still, I would have thought I would have accomplished more during this period.  That’s why it seems to me  that time speeds up for the unemployed.   I’m open to suggestions and will give it some additional thought.   Right now I need to clean out my junk drawer, shovel a little more snow, check out a stock tip, brush the cat, walk the dog and sweep out the garage.   And since I know I will get sidetracked I may not get all those things done.  What I will not do is putz.   Nope, not me.  Never.

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