My senior moment at IHOP

International House of Pancakes logoYesterday, I officially became a senior.  It happened at my Livonia, Michigan International House of Pancakes (IHOP) when I saved a buck on breakfast.  Since I was over 55 years of age I was able to order from the Senior section of the menu.

Now I’ve been 55 for a while but I didn’t realize that restaurants, at least some of them, deem those of us who have celebrated the double-nickle to be seniors.  But apparently IHOP does.  And that is a good thing, especially since I am still pounding the pavement in search of work. (And my breakfast was a networking thing so I could justify spending the money).

The IHOP 2x2x2 breakfast was good, the coffee only warm, but fresh, and the waitstaff friendly.  I guess the only downside was that the waitress didn’t question me about my age.  But then, she was probably in her teens and all of us over the age of 40 look really, really old.  I guess that’s the price one has to pay to save money.

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