One Man’s Gas

Ford FreestyleMy 2007 Ford Freestyle has a nifty information center that keeps track of all kinds of things, like gas mileage, whether all the doors are closed, the amount of time one travels and the amount of gas used.

During 2010, I used the info center to track of the amount of gasoline I burned. It turned out to be 484 gallons or roughly 11.5 barrels (assuming 42 gallons to a barrel).

Considering that the U.S. uses 21 MILLION barrels of the stuff each day, my usage is a drop in the bucket…er, barrel. However, just like no one drop of water is responsible for a flood, my usage added to the gasoline used in the 62 million vehicles on the road is one of the reason we import as much oil as we do. I need to cut down on driving and increase my mileage. And with gasoline above $3/gallon and me out of work I need to be even more vigilant before I jump in the car.

Here are some from the U.S. Energy Department to help me–and maybe help others as well. More detailed information can be found on the U.S Energy’s website.

  • Drive Sensibly
  • Observe the Speed Limit
  • Remove Excess Weight
  • Avoid Excessive Idling
  • Use Cruise Control

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