A sign of Frustration–or Surrender

South of Harrison on old US-27 stands a sign that reads: “Thinking of moving here? Don’t. No jobs. No value. No help.”

I’m very curious about that sign–and about the person who posted it. What event made the individual go to the bother of putting it there? What does he or she expect as a result?

The sign also got me thinking about the bigger picture: If Clare County residents want to encourage jobs in this region and improve the local economy, is this the way to do it? What responsibility do we who live and work here have to encourage visitors to visit this area, people to settle, and entrepreneurs to set up their business here? What can we as residents do to improve the county so it is more appealing for businesses and families and encourages our young people to stay once they graduate?

One hopes that whatever caused the sign to be posted will be resolved and the sign removed since venting doesn’t solve problems. I do hope the sign is only a sign of frustration because things in the county, state and nation are not as they  should be and not a sign of of surrender because the person feels things are never going to  improve.

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One thought on “A sign of Frustration–or Surrender

  1. Genine Hopkins

    Frustration leads people to do things that are ill advised. I wish those people who placed the sign there would volunteer their time to the many groups looking to make Clare Co. a better place to live, because we’re always short on people to help us out. Together We Can working group Clare-Gladwin, Clare County Youth Opportunities, Friends of Parks and Rec, or maybe run for a seat on a township board. There are so many exciting things going on right now, and I’d like to see more people get involved, it’s the same old people time after time, and we’re stretched to our limits. New blood would be awesome!

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