Unsolicited Endorsement of Discount Tire and SquareTrade

Two completely unsolicited endorsements: Had good luck with two companies coming through on their warranties. Discount Tire reimbursed me for a tire I ruined in Florida this spring. Didn’t think it would be covered because I had it replaced by another company because there wasn’t a Discount Tire in Sarasota. When I stopped by last week to the Livonia, Michigan store for my free tire rotation I  mentioned to the rep I now had another brand of tire on the car and explained what happened. I also (maybe foolishly) said I didn’t think the new tire qualified for reimbursement since I had not taken the bad tire to a Discount Tire location as I thought the agreement specified. Wrong! All the rep required was a copy of the bill for the tire. I got a check in less than two weeks for the tire. I was impressed.

The other is SquareTrade. Had my hard drive go bad on my laptop while in Utah. I called them. They had me submit the bill for the new one including installation. No hassles.I’ve had warranties with them for several years because I thought their rates were reasonable but never collected on it until now. Oh, they also cover cameras and lots of other things.

Obviously, do your own due diligence, and there are always those who have good reason to disagree with my report, but I like these companies and based on my experience think they deserve kudos.

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