Clare County Michigan History in Photos

I added a video to You Tube, well, basically a slideshow that consists of old photos. Most of them show the cities of Clare, Harrison and Farwell. The show lasts about 6 minutes and music in the background. The photos are primarily from the collection Forrest Meek gave to Mid-Michigan Community College. Here’s the link to the show:

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5 thoughts on “Clare County Michigan History in Photos

  1. Brian Johnson

    Very nice. Spent last week up there doing research. In all my days of searching I have yet to have found any photographs of Meredith. My paperwork and letters narrowed my ***Grandfather in Meredith in 1889 and 1890 for certain. My best guess is he left in 1893 as he was a telegrapher and Railroad Agent. The depot being removed that year and then finding him the following year in Standish village. Your video gives a good impression of the life around him at that time. Less all the violence and corruption of Meredith any how.
    Thanks for another great post. Always look forward to them.

    • Where did you go for your research if I may ask? I know there are a lot of photos in the Forrest Meek collection that lack any reference. Just described as “Town.” A photo of Meredith might be in there but who knows. Also, have you checked with the township office in Meredith? Wonder if they might have any in their archives. One thing you might do is set up a Google alert and Ebay search using Meredith as the search word if you haven’t already. I take a similar approach for some other towns and also groups I support. I haven’t done any searches for Meredith but it might be worth your while to do so.

      • Launchpad

        Well my best lead for research was from you with the book you recommended by Forrest Meek (Battlegrounds of ..) Flint library and online with lots of letters sent out. I did contact the Franklin Township Clerk and a toddler answered the phone and said her mom was not available. Thats a small town for ya… The Google alert was a great idea and I did just that after you mentioned it. Ebay has not had anything on Meredith for over a year anyhow. I find it really unusual to see my **Grandfather take his family to Meredith with the sort of place it was. Although I do not know exactly when he arrived there I do know in 1890 he was there with a 16 year old son who ran a grocery store there, a girl of 11, and another son was born in Meredith in 1890. By the way, a foot note to this. I found your blog after my son and I were talking about wanting to find the old logging area up in Clare county and using our metal detector. Sure glad you posted….

  2. Thank you for sharing the YouTube Video! Very nicely done. Most of my family on my mother’s side still reside in the Mid-Michigan area and I shared your blog and the video with them. I grew up in the Vassar area then the family moved to Alpena when I was 13 and graduated from there. I currently reside in Orlando (almost 17 years now) and I ran across this post while working on a wordpress site that I manage for another small town and it came across the Zemanta suggestions and I immediately had to check it out! Again, thank you for sharing. It’s great that history is not lost and still admired by many… especially for the small towns of America!!

    • Thanks for your kind words. Glad to know there are others out there like myself who enjoy this kind of things and I’m pleased to be able to share it with others.

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