My mugQuestion: Why “The Moving Finger“?

Answer: It comes from a quote by Edward Fitzgerald I have always liked and try to take to heart:

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

Q: And why the bluelemon in your blog address?

A: My first car was a 1971 Ford Maverick. Stick shift. Blue. Nothing but trouble.

Q: Why bluelemon.me? Why not .com or .net for your domain address?

A: They were taken. Someone else must have had a blue Maverick.

Q: I didn’t know there was a .me domain. Seems pretty self-centered.

A: I like to think it’s more self-promotional or self-marketing. The .me is a fairly new domain and I must have beat whoever bought the .com and .net. I’ve set this up and my LinkedIn site to secure a new position.

Q: So, you are looking for a job?

A: Yes. I am in the marketing for some gainful employment in the Detroit metro area. I was in Employee and Marketing Communications with AAA (a.k.a. The Auto Club Group) until they gave me and 321 others our walking papers awhile back. I’m too young to retire and know my skills and experience can help another organization.

Q: What can you do for an organization?

A: I bring business experience and communication skills to the table, especially in the field of employee communications. Most people can offer either communication skills or business experience. I provide both. That means I can not only keep my team centered on company goals, but I can help communicate them to employees, customers vendors and other stakeholders. Plus, my employer also gets someone who is dedicated, hard-working, with a can-do attitude and a strong work ethic.

Q: Since you worked for AAA, you must have an insurance background? Are you looking for another job in insurance?

A: Although, I do have plenty of insurance related experience and knowledge, I’m don’t want to limit myself. I think I’d do well at most any job.

Q: What have you been doing why you’ve been temporarily forcibly retired?

A: I am writing a weekly column for the Gladwin County Record. I interview people in the community. It’s a great gig but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Q: What do you like about it?

A: There are some fascinating people in the county. I’ve talked to a former state fire inspector, a veteran who has opened a quarter of all the American Legion posts in the state, a woman who coordinates exchange student program in the area and a gentleman who worked with Jimmy Durante in New York in the 1930’s and does a dead-on impression of Durante that even Jimmy liked.

Q: Anything about the job that you don’t like?

A: Yeah. I love talking to the people but I hate having to transcribe the interviews. Tedious stuff but it’s part of the package deal so I sit, smile and type away.

Q: What else have you been doing?

A: I volunteer at Mid-Michigan Hospice and with a couple of volunteer organizations such as Friedns of Clare County Parks and Clare County Historical Society and I still handle communications for my church down below.

Q: Why do participate in those activities?

A: I want to be part of the community here and make it a better place. Plus, working on communications for these organizatons not only helps them get their message across but it allows me to keep my skills sharp. It also allows me to practice new skills I’ve gained such as InDesign, Dreamweaver and WordPress. Oh, and I’ve earned a certificate in social media. I’ve also been learning email marketing and to conduct online surveys. Some of the volunteer work I do gives me a chance to practice my new skills.

Q: I think that should do it for now. Thanks for the answers.

A: You’re welcome. Let me know if you know of anyone with any available positions. Have them contact me at marty@michiganmarty.me.

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