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My name is Marty Johnson and I live in two worlds: Harrison, Michigan and Westland, Michigan.  Harrison is where I hang my hat most weekends. I love the north country with its woods and waters, history and friendly people. It’s also got a lot of hidden gems that I hope to bring into the light.

I am a documentation specialist at The Auto Club Group, part of the AAA enterprise.  Along with experience in documentation, I have a couple of decades of experience in corporate and marketing communications, including extensive print and website experience.  My degree in Business Administration and many years of practical experience in a corporate environment give me the necessary skills to help a business or non-profit meet its goals and strengthen its brand.  Oh, and I can install and repair carpeting, a skill I picked up from years working for New York Carpet World in a former life.

I presently have my own communications business called Blue Lemon Communications,  as well as produce various marketing emails and newsletters for other several non-profits in mid-Michigan as well as in the Metro Detroit area. The good part is these tasks keep me busy, and my skills sharp and up to date.  .

By the way, I created the word cloud above using Wordle.net as a visual representation of my skills and experience.

I am a grandparent of three.  I love it and them. I am blessed.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Joe T

    YO <arty – Nice website you have here. Scott told me about it, so thought i'd check it out.

    Neat stuff, keeping your writing skills sharp & keeping busy. Nice pic of the grandkids too.

    Let us know next time you're in town,,,,& maybe we can get together for lunch / beer ??

  2. Hello! Glad you found my blog and I found yours. I see that you’re a writer too. Maybe you could give me a few tips on how to write articles. My Dad has used used Wordle but I haven’t. I can’t wait to learn more about Michigan from your articles. I really like the picture of you and your grandkids.
    Good luck with your business.


  3. Dawn Humphrey

    Hi Marty, You’ve just acquired a new fan!! I stumbled upon your blog in an attempt to find something interesting to do when a friend comes to visit in a couple of weeks. I am impressed by both your writing skills and your generous nature. Looking forward to reading more of your articles……Dawn

  4. It’s a free theme on Word Press.

  5. Kelly Bixby

    Hi Marty! You must be as treasured in Clare County as you are in the Livonia and Westland communities. I’m excited to have found your blog and will be reading every bit of it in the days to come.

    • Thanks, Kelly. Kind of you to say and even kinder of you to decide to stick around. Hope you find something of value. All my best to your family. Still remember you all warmly. M

  6. Hi Marty,

    This site is amazing! I just happened to stumble across it and realized that you have linked back to CONDOR.cmich.edu for some of the Clare newspaper articles that you used as sources. The CONDOR site has been updated to a new software platform and all of the links that you have included will no longer link to the exact issue. I apologize for this inconvenience but I hope that you find the new platform DigMichNews.cmich.edu to be more user friendly for your research.

    Please feel free to contact me at the Clarke Historical Library at CMU if you have any questions about the newspaper collection. Thanks for using the newspapers!

    Thank you,
    Kim Hagerty

    • I do find the new search platform much easier to use and more accurate. Thanks for letting me know about the change and how it will affect my site. Going to leave well enough alone for right now. And thanks for your kind words!


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