Welcome to my blogs…actually three of them. Two are primarily about Clare County, Michigan where I have a home and the third deals with whatever comes into my head that I want to write about.  Not a whole lot there, to be honest.  And I’m talking about the number of postings, not what lies between my ears. Anyway, the blogs are:

1) Trains, Reins and Shantyboys: Clare’s History–Clare County has a wonderful history with railroads, logging, farming, Henry Ford, bad guys, gangsters and ghost towns. Over time I hope to tell the story from my personal perspective based on what I’ve seen and learned from others. BTW, a shantyboy is what lumberjacks called each other way back when.

2) SeeDo in Clare County, Michigan–There is a lot to see and do in Clare County. Parks, fishing, hunting, walking, visiting art galleries, old houses, resale shops, restaurants and more.

3) Random Musings–That’s the one I mentioned before, the one about whatever I happen to want to write about that doesn’t fit into any of the other two categories.

I hope you find them an interesting read.


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